Images of Books

“New for January”

Three more books to relax by the open fire with….

This month, another crime novel – P.D. James’ “A Certain Justice”, an Adam Dalgleish mystery.  If you missed the television series in 1998 it would be worth a read, although the first section of four is a bit stodgy as each of the characters is introduced.  The pace livens with the first body and the plot will keep you guessing.

Also, now available is Jordan Belfort’s “The Wolf of Wall Street”, which is the first part of his life story: the rise as a stockbroker, the excesses (of which there were many), and the fall….Fast paced with an easy writing style.  Some would find the language difficult at times.

Lastly, a classic – John Steinbeck’s novella “Of Mice and Men”.  It tells the story of two displaced migrant ranch workers in the Great Depression in America.   A story of friendship and unfulfilled dreams.


If you have any books for the library, please leave them in a plastic bag or cardboard box in the church porch so that they can be reviewed before being made available for  people to borrow or buy. 

By way of a reminder, books are available at the back of the church. If you would like to “buy” one rather than “borrow”,  the suggested donation is £2.00.