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“March’s Selection of the Month”

An interesting and varied selection this month. 

First, Stanley Crawford’s “A Garlic Testament”, written in the early 1990’s by the well-known American writer and farmer.  In short, it is a biography of life on his garlic farm in New Mexico which he and his wife have been farming since the 1970’s, but it is in reality a work of philosophy, dealing with the meaning of life and the vital connection between land and community.  Written in an effortless style, a wonderful book.

Secondly, Frances Wood’s “The First Emperor of China” – an introduction to the life and legacy of Zheng, whom we know as the Emperor for whom the Great Wall and the “Terracotta Army” were made.  Even 2,000 years after his death opinion is divided about his rule, a truly controversial figure.  It is clear that the author has extensive knowledge of both China and its history, but she only touches the surface in this book and there are only fleeting glimpses of her sense of humour.

Another thriller is the third choice for this month – James Patterson’s “Black Market”.  First written in 1985 in this version and then tweaked and re-released under the title “Black Friday”.  Having read a number of Patterson’s Alex Cross books I was used to the pace of his novels and thought that there were a number of eerie correlations with the market crash of 2008 but could not help feel for all that that the novel was dated.


If you have any books for the library, please leave them in a plastic bag or cardboard box in the church porch so that they can be reviewed before being made available for  people to borrow or buy. 

By way of a reminder, books are available at the back of the church. If you would like to “buy” one rather than “borrow”,  the suggested donation is £2.00.