Normally this magazine is distributed in a Paper Version free of charge to every home in the Benefice, made possible by the generous support of the advertisers and a team of volunteer distributors.

Due to the circumstances with regard to the current Coronavirus measures in place, it is not possible to circulate The Rutland Water Benefice Magazine in a Hard Copy format. Therefore an electronic version has now been made available and can be accessed under “The Church” sub-heading “Benefice Magazine” or alternatively you could click on the link below. This process will remain the practice for publication of this magazine until further notice.

If you are aware of anyone in your village or neighbourhood who is unable to access the internet or does not have the means to read it on a tablet, iPad or iPhone, please kindly print off a copy or the relevant pages they would like to read.

We will continue to bring you news every month from around the different parishes.

Thank you.