Results of the Playing Field Questionnaire that was circulated in the latter part of last year are now available to read on the website. We would like to thank  Suzanne Baines again for all her hard work in the design, compilation, distribution and collation of all the documentation and to all of you who responded.

The analysis of the questionnaire together with the annual ROSPA Safety Inspection Report will be discussed at our first Action Group meeting towards the end of September. Date and time to be confirmed. The outcome of these discussions and the priorities and future plans will be taken forward by the Trustees and dedicated Action Groups. Please do let us know if you would like to be involved. We are in the process of setting up a Trustees email address which we will put on the website very soon.

The Field
We would like to thank Russell and Dawn once again for gathering the hay from the field. We know that so many of you missed the field as it was and are aware that leaving the grass to grow curtailed your enjoyment and regular activities. We thank you for bearing with us over the last 18 months and with the decisions that we made as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Your feedback has been greatly appreciated and noted and we will ensure that regular mowing and maintenance of the field will be resuming as we go forwards.

We are however, planning to let the periphery of the field continue to re-wild as we know from your feedback that this gives pleasure to so many in the village as well as helping nature to flourish. The new saplings are growing well within this area too.

We would like to thank Karen and Richard Baines as they continue to do a stirling job as volunteers within the playing field especially in the wooded areas around the periphery of the field. They and their team have worked so hard in clearing away so much dead wood and debris and have now created a path through the trees and bushes leading from where the wood starts on the far right hand side of the field (just above where the play area is) and going forwards towards the entrances to Green Lane. Richard has also removed all the barbed wire on that side bordering onto Green Lane. Your support continues to be invaluable. To see the improvements and what the Playing Field looks like now we’ve taken a few photos. 

The Play Area
A second lorry load of bark was recently delivered and spread. Thank you Simon. Appropriate signage remains in place.

The Sue Lane Memorial Bench has been washed and treated and now sits on the concrete base by the play area.

The new bench on the opposite side of the field is proving very popular and being well used also.

Cricket Club
There have been no home games this summer. We are in the process of liaising with representatives of the club to clarify their future plans.

Cricket Pavillion
We are aware that the existing cricket pavilion is no longer suitable or fit for purpose. Discussions are to take place to determine what actions are required now and in the future.

Bird Boxes
We have received a donation for bird boxes with the stipulation that they are made locally. Ideas welcome.

Football Pitch
Thanks goes to Mitch Pilkington for mowing the football field earlier in the summer. New football nets are due to be ordered shortly as the existing nets are shredded and torn.

Peter Richards is taking this forward and was very much enthused by the interest expressed via the questionnaires. The area itself is now weed free due to the hard work of members of the group.

Dog Poo Bins
These are proving very popular and we endeavour to empty them regularly.

Mariane and Ruth enjoyed meeting with the High Sheriff David Wood and his wife Jeffy on their recent visit to the village. We enjoyed our stroll around the field together and the mutual exchange of information was most appreciated.

You will have noticed from time to time we have taken the decision to lock the main gate to the field following the advice of our local police when there has been an increased risk of unauthorised groups driving in and gathering illegally on green spaces in our locality. Thank you for your understanding. Thankfully we have the small gate just a little further down the road.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. It is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Ridlington Playing Field Trustees


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Here is an update from the Trustees of the Ridlington Playing Field.

For those who may not be aware the village playing field on Top Road is held in Trust for the village by a small body of Trustees currently; Julie Hoult, Mariane Gilkes, Simon Powell and Ruth Lees. The Trustees have a legal responsibility to manage the playing field in the best way they see fit for the benefit of the villagers and a body of Trustees has been doing this since the playing fields were gifted in trust in 1946.

The Trustees really appreciate the enthusiasm of many villagers to engage in the upkeep and enhancement of the field and appreciate the feedback you have given through the survey. To ensure that these collaborations achieve maximum benefit and comply with the legal responsibilities and the conditions therein of the Trustees, we plan to invite villagers to join an Action Group to drive the future sustainability of the playing field, under the direction of the Trustees.

We have had some volunteers already and would welcome further interest from any other villagers keen to participate. Please email Ruth Lees in the first instance –

Thank you.


The Playing Field Trustees


Due to the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, the government regulations and inability to fundraise, the Trustees of the playing field took the responsible decision at the beginning of the year to allow the grass to grow as we did last year with the gathering of hay towards the end of July. We are fortunate in being able to ensure regular mowing of the paths through the field and around the play area. We would appreciate your views as to the way forward regarding the grass cutting of the field and would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and understanding especially during these extraordinary times we are living through. We are planning to have the grass cut on the top 5-a-side football pitch very soon

For the current government guidelines to be followed when using the Children’s Play Area as it is now open, please go to:

The Trustees endeavour to spend any monies received by the charity wisely including the money received from the government last year knowing that this fund may need to keep the upkeep and maintenance of the playing field and play area going for some time yet. The annual financial outgoings include the water rates for the cricket pavilion, the annual safety inspection report and the insurance for the playing field and play area as well as the grass cutting and maintenance of surrounds and necessary signage. The Treasurer’s report will be accompanying the annual report on the website shortly.

Items recently purchased as required by our inspection report include two new bucket seats for the toddler’s swings, cricket nets, two new slab bases for the benches, two lorry loads of bark for the play area and gentle pigeon spikes to dissuade the pigeons from sitting on the top rails and contaminating the swings!

More saplings offered to us from ‘The Woodland Trust’ have been planted adding to the ones that are doing well from last year.

Commemorative solid brass pet plaques for the new bench can be ordered for you from the trustees for £20.00.  All proceeds to go to The Ridlington Playing Field Charity.

Our next Trustees meeting is on 14th July and we are always open to suggestions as to what you would like, any help you can give, or any issues you would like to raise.

Thank you.

Ruth (Lees) on behalf of The Trustees of Ridlington Playing Field.
Email: or drop a note in to Post Cottage, 5, Top Road, Ridlington
Tel 01572 821440


The Playing Field Trustees would like to thank you all very much for responding to our questionnaire, which was sent out to you late last year,  on your views for using the lovely space of the Playing Fields.

30 out of the 84 households responded and the results can be found on the link below. A copy of the questionnaire is also available to see again.

Should you have further thoughts or suggestions, we would welcome this, so do please feel free to continue to let us know by either email or dropping a note in to Ruth Lees at Post Cottage.

We will be discussing the analysis of these results at our next meeting which will be held on Wednesday, July 14th 2021.

Whilst writing, we would also like to let you know that two benches have been placed on the Playing Field. One of the benches has small plaques on it in remembrance of our cherished four-legged friends. Should anyone wish to add their pet’s name, this can be arranged for a small fee. Please contact anyone of the Trustees should you wish to do this.

We hope you will come and enjoy being out in the tranquility of the countryside.

Thank you once again for your valued input and our apologies for the delay in getting these results published.

Please click on the links below to access the original questionnaire and the results/findings.

Questionnaire – Playing Field

Playing field questionnaire 2021 results


Ruth Lees
Playing Field Trustees

RRG is a small self-managed group. We enjoy running in and around our lovely village. We have obviously been restricted since the outbreak of Covid-19: as restrictions are easing from 17th May, we thought we would spread the word again.

We meet at 9:00 am every Saturday at the gate to Ridlington playing fields. Whilst numbers are small, we have created a WhatsApp group to keep ourselves updated of any changes and to stay in touch.

It’s all very relaxed and flexible with no commitment. We tend to do a ‘there and back’ route along the Top Road/Holygate Road. You go as far as you wish and at a pace which suits you, so caters for all abilities and experience.

When the Rutland Parkrun recommences, some of us will occasionally join them.

We support and encourage each other, and everyone is welcome.

We will always comply with current Government Guidelines in relation to Covid-19 restrictions.

If you are interested, please come and join us.  For more information contact:

Shelagh – 07592 590541
Anne – 07751 079775

Dear Reader,

Everyone has been through a lot this past year, and many have had the joy and companionship of a furry four-legged friend who has joined them on their moments of exercise out in the lovely countryside.

But unfortunately, the downside and consequence of this, is that there is now excessive amounts of dog excrement left behind. Regrettably, it has been reported that there is, in particular, an abundance of uncollected dog poop in the Ridlington Playing Field and along the village lanes. We all know that the majority collect their dog’s “little package” but it is those few who don’t that are creating this unhygienic and unsightly mess.

Therefore the Trustees of the Ridlington Playing Field would like to kindly and politely remind dog owners to take their responsibilities seriously and pick up after their dogs.

Please help us to keep our playing field and village safe and clean. Remember to take your dog’s poo bag with you at all times. You can deposit the waste in the black waste bin provided in the Playing Fields.

Dog fouling is not only unsightly and unpleasant, it can be harmful to people and other animals. Did You Know… Dog waste can carry parasites such as ringworms, salmonella and tapeworms. Dog waste has also been known to contain E coli and other harmful bacteria.

So with this in mind and in light of the current circumstances, we would respectfully ask that you clean up the “little package” your four-legged furry companion leaves and dispose of it responsibly.




I refer to the update sent to you on October 16th regarding the Playing Field including an important opportunity for you to help decide it’s future.

We hope you will complete as much of the questionnaire as you can. Your opinions and ideas are really important! Thank you.

Please click on the links below:-

Word Format – Questionnaire final

PDF Format – Questionnaire – Playing Field

Ruth Lees

Please note:- 
This questionnaire has been re-sent to you in a different format – a Word document.

For those of you who may not have Word but still wish to complete the document, please feel free to print the version in PDF and drop it into either Ruth Lees’ or Suzanne Baines. Thank you.

Apologies for the inconvenience in not attaching the two links together at the same time. Jackie


Please find below an update from The Trustees of the Charity – Ridlington Playing Field

You will no doubt be aware, The Playing Field and the Children’s Play Area have been closed to much activity this Summer. This is all due to the Covid19 pandemic, but most especially because the Trustees do not feel confident to safely operate the facility within the current regulations and guidelines.

As a result, you will have noticed, especially those of you who walk your dogs through or past the Playing Field regularly, that the grass has been allowed to grow during the summer.  We have had it cropped for hay during this period and it has also been mown a few times since.

Whether you enjoy walking, playing football and cricket or using the play equipment, our Playing Field is a wonderful space that was gifted to the village many years ago.  It is also a haven for insects and wildlife.

Despite all the difficulties we are presently living under, it is the Trustees intention to bring the Playing Field and Children’s Play Area back into full use as soon as we feel able to.

We are currently planning for how this amenity can best provide for all future requirements of those in our community that may wish to use it.

We have a brilliant opportunity right now to add to Ridlington’s heritage and come together as a village community. Let us look after the Playing Field and invest in some new equipment that could benefit so many of us across all age groups.

Therefore, YOUR opinion is really important.

There are various funding sources that we can approach to help us. Of course, we also need to continue to raise some money ourselves.

The Playing Field Charity has been very fortunate indeed to receive some money from the government via Rutland County Council during the Covid19 pandemic. This will help support our ongoing and future work including the regular maintenance required, particularly since we have had to cancel all our fundraising events.

As a first step we need to know your opinion and views on how you may be able to help. For example the equipment you would like to see being used. Therefore we have created a questionnaire which you can access by clicking on the following link… Questionnaire – Playing Field

Please complete as much of the attached questionnaire as you can and return it by October 31st to Suzanne Baines (ideally by email) who has volunteered to lead this project.


Thank you!
The Playing Field Trustees
October 2020