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Commemorative Ridlington Village Hall School PlaqueThe Ridlington Village Hall on Main Street was built in 1873 and was originally the Ridlington Village Primary School. The Diocese of Peterborough made it over to the Parish Council in 1964 when the school closed. Many of the villagers still remember spending happy childhood days there in this small but lovely building.

A committee, some of who are also trustees, manage Ridlington Village Hall on behalf of the Parish Council who use it for their various meetings. The Hall is registered with the Charities Commission on whose website the Trustee names and the Hall accounts are published.

The Committee meets informally, approximately six times per year and publishes their annual financial report at its public AGM prior to that of the Parish Council’s AGM which is in May. During these meetings the parishioners voice their comments, express their views and raise questions to which the Committee respond.

The Village Hall, which plays an important role in community life, has recently undergone internal refurbishment thanks to the goodwill and support given by the villagers.

The Committee seek and always welcome new members and relies on the input of new ideas and expertise that is vital in maintaining the Hall as a community asset and the focal point for the village.


Keith Aldridge – email: keithaldridge28@icloud.com
David Harvey – email: david_j_harvey@yahoo.co.uk
Henry Ike – email: henry.ike@toproad.co.uk
David Roome – email: davr333@btinternet.com
Pat Roome – email: pat.roome@btinternet.com


The annual running cost of the Village Hall including utility and insurance costs is raised by fundraising events organised by the committee and through bookings by individuals and local government. Fixed events currently include coffee mornings and an annual quiz night.

In the past the Village Hall conducted a weekly lottery which was generously supported by the villagers. This eventually resulted in the funding of the Hall’s internal refurbishment which included resurfacing of the floor, improved heating and lighting, a new kitchen arrangement, plus new seating and a mobile drinks bar. This work was completed in 2019.

A small reserve has been retained for unforeseen maintenance and repairs.

The financial accounts are currently published annually during the Village Hall and Parish Council AGMs.