Donations for the Peterborough homeless continue to come in and we have delivered a goodly number of useful warm items of clothing as well as dog food. We are approaching the cold season so warm clothing and stout footwear will be very much needed. Worn down soles and heels will be of no use to folk who live on the pavements.

Items needed:

Sleeping bags, 2-person tents (not pop-up as these are not weatherproof and they blow away), yoga/camping mats, torches and anything camping related.

Trainers/boots with good soles sizes 8 – 10, men’s jeans 30” – 32” waist, M/L joggers or similar, winter/waterproof coats M/L, new/unused boxers medium, new or used socks with wear left in them

Dog food – self-opening cans or dried food

Homeless people are rarely XL, so please no bigger than large size.

Neither duvets nor pillows can be accepted.

Many thanks for your generous donations and for your support. The donations are always very gratefully received.


Margie & Martin Wall
8 East Lane
Mob: 07928378668
Tel.:  01572 821397

On recommendation, I read Alan Hollinghurst’s  “The Stranger’s Child” – it was every bit as good as I was told.  Successive generations interpret a legendary story in different ways.  An excellent book and I too recommend it.

For those more interested in fact than fiction try  “The Shortest History of War” by Gwynne Dyer, an acclaimed historian.  Published last year and a vital read to understand the role of war – why we do it and how we can stop it.

To round off this month, two Hamish Macbeth novels by M C Beaton  “Death of a Dentist” and  “Death of a Gossip” – I preferred the latter.


Thank you this month to:

Church cleaning:
Ruth Lees; Karen Baines; Annie Harvey


Church flowers:
Louise Fox (please note, there are no flowers during Advent).

The flower displays around the church in celebration of Christmas are kindly provided by Liz Simpson; Jan Powley; Sue Hatcher; Karen Baines; Debra Thatcher; Pat Roome and Jane Moubray;


Front of House:
Annie and David Harvey; Ruth Lees.

Our community Christmas card scheme means that you can send one card to the whole community to pass on your festive greetings and make a donation to be shared between the church, playing field and village hall.  Cards and donations, please, to Debra Thatcher, Ruth Lees and Pat Roome.

You are warmly invited to the village carol service on Sunday, 18th December at 6pm.  Come along and enjoy singing some of your favourite carols.

Please join us at our Communion Service at 9:30am.



The ‘Knit and Natter’ group is growing and takes place every Monday at Chimney Cottage from 11am until 12.30pm. Why not come along? You can bring your knitting, sewing, crocheting, craftwork…or just sit and enjoy the ‘natter’ over a cup of tea and cake.

Contact Annie Harvey for further details:
Tel: 01572 820273
Mob: 07751 079775


Thanks for the autumn tidy of the churchyard to Steve Fox, Dave Johnson, Jacky Morrell, John Morrell, Shelagh Page, Debra Thatcher and Richard Thatcher.

Thanks are due also to Richard Baines for removing the bags of clippings to add to his bonfire.

More volunteers requested for next year’s tidy and ploughman’s lunch.


Ditch the plastic and reduce food miles!

Fresh milk deliveries in glass reusable bottles on Monday and Thursday mornings by Ferneley’s based on the Rutland/Leicestershire border – see their website:

Pasteurised but not homogenised – 75 pence/pint and £1.30/litre.

If you are interested in supporting this local business, please contact them direct.


Please find the minutes to the RPC meeting that was held on Wednesday, November 16th.

Please click on the link below to access the minutes.

Draft RPC Minutes 16.11.22

Alternatively, these can be accessed on the website under the heading “Minutes, Agendas & Accounts”.

If you are having difficulty accessing this document, please do let us know.

Thank you.