The Farm Shop

The Farm Shop remains open for telephone orders and collections only, but is now closed to customers. This is to protect both customers and staff, and to enable them to continue to offer a service as best they can, but as safely as possible. So if you wish to purchase items from the Farm Shop, please do not turn up without having pre-ordered.

Orders are taken over the phone, with a member of staff walking round telling you what is in stock in whichever sections you are interested in, and filling a trolley with your shopping, ready for you to collect.

Payment is made over the phone. We have been offering a delivery service, but this has now come to an end simply because we do not have the capacity (vehicles/drivers/refrigeration) to meet the demand, and we want to focus the energies of our staff on serving as many of you as possible.

So we are requesting that customers collect, or share collections with other neighbours. On arrival at Gates, items will be put straight into the boot of your car so no contact is necessary.

The Garden Centre

The Garden centre itself is closed to the public, but items can be ordered over the phone, as above for collection. This includes plants, seeds, gardening tools, pots, etc as well as greeting cards, gifts, children’s puzzels and toys, outdoor games, books, small garden furniture, etc. If anyone is wishing to buy larger items, for example BBQs, large garden furniture, etc this can still be delivered.

We have some information about plants etc on our website, but if you are looking for anything else, just ring us and you will be put through to someone in the relevant department.

To Place and Order, please contact us on:

Tel.:  01664 454 309
Email – info@gatesgardencentre.co.uk