Ridlington sports-field

Here is an update from the Trustees of the Ridlington Playing Field.

For those who may not be aware the village playing field on Top Road is held in Trust for the village by a small body of Trustees currently; Julie Hoult, Mariane Gilkes, Simon Powell and Ruth Lees. The Trustees have a legal responsibility to manage the playing field in the best way they see fit for the benefit of the villagers and a body of Trustees has been doing this since the playing fields were gifted in trust in 1946.

The Trustees really appreciate the enthusiasm of many villagers to engage in the upkeep and enhancement of the field and appreciate the feedback you have given through the survey. To ensure that these collaborations achieve maximum benefit and comply with the legal responsibilities and the conditions therein of the Trustees, we plan to invite villagers to join an Action Group to drive the future sustainability of the playing field, under the direction of the Trustees.

We have had some volunteers already and would welcome further interest from any other villagers keen to participate. Please email Ruth Lees in the first instance –ruthlees123@aol.com

Thank you.


The Playing Field Trustees