Over the past months the government has been encouraging people to use lateral flow tests twice weekly.

Rutland County Council have made the “New” style kits available and our Rector, Pippa Madgwick has asked each of the 10 churches in the Benefice, whether they would like to make some of these test kits available in the churches.

For this reason, we have received a large box of test kits which are now available for everyone to use. They have been placed on the bench at the back of the Church St. Mary Magdalene and St. Andrew, please feel free to take one.

The old style test kits required the swab to be swished around the tonsils and up one nostril whilst the new style kits don’t require the swab to be swished around the tonsils but require both nostrils to be tested.  Each test kit contains full and easy to follow instructions for use and supplies details of how to register the test results and how to dispose of the test kits once used.

Even if experiencing no symptoms we are encouraged to test twice a week.

Please test to keep our community safe.

Thank you
Debra Thatcher