From Monday 15th June, churches may be open for private prayer, subject to risk assessment; appropriate cleaning and supervision; availability of hand sanitiser; advisory notices; non-access to hymn/additional spaces/prayer books etc… St Mary Magdalene and St Andrew’s Church will be opened shortly with further notice to be given. All cleaning/checks are currently being undertaken by David Harvey (Church warden) and Anne Harvey (PCC Secretary). If you would like to assist with the cleaning and/or daily checks please contact either of the above.

  • Details about church services can be found on the Rutland Water Benefice website. You can download the order of service and readings from there too;
  • Join the Rutland Water Benefice Facebook group and the Sunday service Watch party, or see the videos that make up the Watch party on Facebook, or see the service on The Rutland Water Benefice YouTube channel;

To join the distribution list for weekly readings and other information from church, please email

Let’s pray that God will support and bless us, our families and our communities as we try to enjoy what we can in this fast-changing situation.

Pippa 01780 721286

John 01780 460735 

Jenni 07507 442539