View of the Ridlington Church from Church Street

Church services in the Rutland Water Benefice are recommencing for Easter! There will be a service every Sunday throughout April, commencing with Holy Communion in Ridlington church on Easter Sunday at 9.30am;

Easter Lilies will be placed on the Altar on Easter Sunday 4th April: if you would like to remember a loved one, please let Louise Fox, Margie Wall or Anne Harvey know;

The flower rota will be recommencing when the church re opens in April – any queries, please contact Margie Wall;

We are seeking new members for our Parochial Church Council (PCC). If you are interested in finding out more about the role, please contact any of the current members: Bart Hellyer; Margie Wall; Louise Fox; Richard Thatcher; Andy Hoult; David Harvey; Anne Harvey. This is a great opportunity to be involved in a range of aspects and decision making about the church, including its future development. After 20 years, Maggie Mortell is stepping down (having moved out of the village 4 years ago!) We would like to thank her for her commitment and service and look forward to seeing her at Morning Prayer on Sunday 25th April;

Church cleaning rota: thank you, this month, to: Karen Baines; Anne Harvey; Jacky Morrell. We are due for a ‘Deep Clean’ w/c 29th March and 5th April so if anyone can spare an hour or two, we would be most grateful;

Following suggestions and discussions a new sound system will shortly be provided for the church. Thank you to Graham Madgwick for his advice and support.