Community Medicines Collection Scheme

Rutland County Council and NHS set this scheme up asking that each village has a co-ordinator to organise the collection of prescriptions in such a way as to minimise visits to the pharmacy. On that basis, unless there is an emergency, I would suggest that we have one collection a week from each of Uppingham and Oakham surgeries.

Alison is kindly going to Oakham today – March 26th
Richard is collecting from Uppingham today – March 26th.

The idea of the scheme is that villagers let me know by email (debrathatcher@hotmail.com) or by phone 01572 823910 that they have ordered a prescription. For the purposes of the paperwork, I need to log with the Council on a daily basis the following:

Full Name:
Surgery from which ordered:

I do not need to know what ailment is being treated nor what the medicines are. For those people of an age where they need to pay for prescriptions they must obtain a pre-payment certificate from the NHS – details can be found on their website using the following link –  https://services.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/buy-prescription-prepayment-certificate/start

Please remember to order prescriptions at least 72 hours before the prescription is required.

We will need a volunteer each week to undertake the collection and delivery/deliveries once back in the village. I need to advise the surgery who is attending, when and for whom they are collecting.

In addition, I then need confirmation once the delivery/deliveries has/have been made as the Council want a full log to be kept.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me

Thank you